OpenAI's Big Reveal: Custom GPTs, GPT Store & More

What you should know about the new announcements; how to get started with building custom GPTs

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OpenAI’s Big Reveal: Custom GPTs, GPT Store & More

OpenAI had their first Developer Conference yesterday. And before you stop reading because you're not a "developer"... you're going to want to know what they unveiled.

By our count, 16 major announcements were made. If you want to know every detail, here's where you can watch the keynote.

But we're here to tell you what matters.

Here's the big takeaways:

ChatGPT and GPT apps will get longer memory 🧠 

Tired of GPT forgetting halfway through your conversation or not being able to process your long transcripts? That’s getting solved.

OpenAI announced a new flavor of GPT-4 that will soon have 128,000 tokens of context (aka be able to process up to ~100K words) making having complex conversations and interactions with an AI model much easier.

You can now create Custom GPTs 🤖 

This is the biggest one.

You can now create custom AI assistants, directly within OpenAI's ChatGPT app. Add custom data, give access to tools, train it to be good at certain tasks and more.

We’ll be covering this more in depth as it rolls out, certainly.

The GPT Store and Revenue Sharing 🤑 

Custom GPTs won’t just stop with you.

OpenAI is adding the GPT Store as a marketplace to discover GPTs built by others. And with revenue sharing, many will be incentivized to build AI tools that benefit your company. (& you can do this too!)

Copyright Shield 🛡️ 

OpenAI is joining the ranks of tech companies that will protect you if a copyright infringement case is put up against you while using their services.

Cheaper Models 📉 

For anyone building AI tools for their own business use cases, it just got way cheaper. The cost of both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 have dropped 2-3x from their previous prices, and OpenAI dropped that they have speed improvements on the way.

Looking to build a custom GPT agent?

Our team has got you covered.

OpenAI’s new custom GPTs will allow you to:

  • Create custom AI assistants on your own data or business context

  • Connect and read from tools like your Calendar or Gmail

  • Take actions on your behalf like send that message in Slack

  • & A LOT more

Trainings and services will be announced soon, so get on the early access list (these always fill up fast!)


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