Big Tech Stepping Up On AI Copyright Issues

Big tech's surprising move in AI copyright cases; negotiation training made easy with GPT4

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • How big tech is stepping up and covering AI copyright liabilities

  • Using the new GPT4 voice interactions for negotiation practice

  • More AI-related layoffs…

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Who is Taking the Heat for AI Copyright Infringement?

In a surprising turn of events, big tech are one-by-one announcing that they will shield their customers from copyright infringement lawsuits related to their generative AI products.

It’s clearly a calculated decision

Sure, today it may be a cost of doing business today and a requirement for gaining market share. But with big tech legal protection, it’s more likely these cases fail and in the long run, it will likely reduce the cost and risks of copyright infringement.

For all of us, this is great news

These companies’ indemnification covers both the training data and the results created from foundation models. And more importantly - instead of individual users needing to be concerned; big tech will foot the bill.


Unlock Your Negotiation Superpowers with ChatGPT4

Negotiation training can be expensive and time-consuming. But what if there was a more accessible way to master this crucial skill?

That's exactly what Wharton professor Ethan Mollick explored and demo'd by using a well-crafted prompt, GPT4 and the mobile app's newest voice features.

Check out his prompt and demo here:


For your reading list 📚

The “new rules of the new economy” in AI...

  • One startup caught our eye; they’re fully focused on shielding large language models from malicious prompts.

  • The No Fakes Act aims to protect performers from unauthorized AI replicas of their faces or voices, with exceptions for news, parodies, and more. However, not everyone's on board with this new legislation.

But it's not all smooth sailing...

And if you’re really nerdy…

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