You're Not Using ChatGPT Wrong

Different types of ChatGPT use cases; controversial data privacy updates from big tech

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Why you’re not using ChatGPT wrong

  • 4 different types of ChatGPT use cases we are seeing

  • Zoom and Google are pushing the data privacy envelope in some controversial ways

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You’re Not Using ChatGPT Wrong

Let's get straight to the point: there's a common misconception floating around that there's a 'right' or a 'wrong' way to use AI, especially ChatGPT.

Let us assure you, this is far from the truth.

Part of the beauty of LLMs is their flexibility and adaptability.

ChatGPT can plan a vacation for you, talk you through a personal situation, and develop a full marketing campaign for you.

But if you feel like you're 'using it wrong'… you’re not alone.

It's likely that you're only using it for one type of use case. (In fact, most people have just one way they use ChatGPT).

So today we’re going to break down the 4 common types of use cases, and hope this grounds you in reality and maybe inspires you to explore a new use case:

The Coach: Need advice on a tricky business strategy? Or maybe you're navigating a personal situation. ChatGPT serves as your coach, offering insights that feel like you're engaged in a genuine conversation.

Super Search: Move over, Google! Many people are using ChatGPT to replace traditional search engines and even adding search to their internal work systems.

AI Automation: Any text-heavy processes or workflows, ChatGPT can step in, automate tasks, and free you up to focus on the bigger picture.

We focus heavily on this type of ChatGPT use case.

Autonomous Agents: Set a goal, and watch ChatGPT go! It operates as your agent, striving to complete objectives for you. While agents are still in their infancy stages, the real promise here is that the AI model learns from its failures and continually iterates until it achieves the set objective.

There are other types of use cases. But by even looking at these 4, we hope it's obvious…

Ditch the notion that there's a 'right' or 'wrong' way to use AI.

The future of AI isn't about 'correct' usage; it's about leveraging tools like ChatGPT in a way that fits your unique needs and objectives.


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