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OpenAI, ChatGPT & Existential Threats: We’re Still Early

Why experts are concerned now, while AI is still early; Short form content, made easy

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • 3 big things that happened in AI this week that show how early we still are in the space

  • This use case is a game changer for creating short-form content from long form

  • ChatGPT’s hallucinations are front page news

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OpenAI, ChatGPT & Existential Threats: We’re Still Early

AI can feel like it’s moving at warp speed. But even with its crazy progress, we’re still in the early innings. Today we’re covering 3 key things that happened in AI this week that show just how early we are:

1. OpenAI finally stepped up its game on enterprise-ready AI

OpenAI just released its Security Portal, which covers important data privacy, legal and compliance policies, and certifications necessary for enterprise adoption. This move reinforces their commitment to safeguarding their position as the provider powering other people’s AI apps.

Of note - they now have SOC 2, SOC 3, CCPA, GDPR and a whole other host of important data privacy and security requirements covered.

2. AI leaders rally for taking the existential AI threat seriously

On the note of security and safety, top AI leaders including OpenAI CEO, Anthropic CEO, Google DeepMind CEO, Microsoft CTO, Stability AI CEO, and many leading AI researchers recently signed a statement with a chilling focus – mitigating the risk of humanity's extinction from AI.

The statement specifically read:

Much like other societal-scale risks, uncontrolled AI advancement could have catastrophic consequences. If you hear many of these leaders talk on the topic, they stress that they want it to be part of the public discourse long ahead of it being an acute problem.

Again, they think we are early.

3. Only 14% of US adults have tried ChatGPT

Yes, you read that right. Despite 58% of US adults having heard of ChatGPT, only 14% have tried it according to a recent Pew Research study.

Again, we’re early.

What does one do when they’re early?

Well, you’re here, aren’t you? That’s a start!

It really is a great time to develop a new skillset and way of thinking to put you ahead in this next wave of how work gets done.

We’ve been compiling our learnings from 200+ conversations with businesses these past few months and will be sharing those insights on social media + here + our premium newsletter.

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Short form content, made easy.

We’re not saying this changes everything, but it kind of does.

Munch is one of those tools we feel like the whole word is sleeping on. Especially people who create long-form content like YouTube videos and recorded podcasts.

Munch makes it incredibly easy to take a long video (up to 2 hours), and convert it into dozens of short form videos. You get full customizability of caption style, how long you want the output clips to be, and then you can even fully edit afterwards.

All in minutes, thanks to generative AI ✨

We highly recommend checking out Munch, and premium members - grab your spot in their upcoming workshop!

And ahem Rachel said this might convince her to do long form videos. We’ll see 😉


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