PREMIUM: State of AI Agents

Your guide to AutoGPT, BabyAGI and other advancements in AI agents, including use cases and advice

Happy Wednesday!

Agents have quickly become the next AI hype cycle. If you've seen news about AutoGPT, BabyAGI, etc. -- you've seen AI agents.

If you feel overwhelmed, like you're missing out, or not really even sure how to start using these new tools, you're not alone.

We just dropped a major update to the State of AI Agents playbook chapter, and since it's been highly requested - we're sending a copy straight to your inbox.

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Below is the revamped chapter in The AI Exchange Playbook on AI Fundamentals: State of AI Agents.

The gist of what's covered:

  • A primer on what AI agents are (they aren't new)

  • Breaking down the recent research advancements

  • Links + tutorials to get started with AutoGPT, GodMode and other versions

  • Future applications

  • Use cases and practical advice

Full chapter below, or you can access it in The AI Exchange Playbook along with the other chapters (must be logged in with subscriber account).

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