Stability AI CEO: Hero or Hype?

About Stability AI's controversy; It's crazy easy to create a no-code AI app

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Stability AI's Controversy: Is Another FTX-Like Collapse in the Making?

Forbes recently published a spicy article. In it, they question the credentials and accomplishments of Emad, the founder and CEO of Stability AI which is valued over $1B.

The company's meteoric rise from pre-seed to unicorn status has caught the attention of the business world, but now some are wondering if this growth is built on shaky ground.

Are we witnessing another FTX-like collapse in the making?

(Our perspective: no. But we'll explain).

First, the Forbes piece attacked from all sides.

  • They challenged the validity of Emad's background and credentials.

  • They pushed that Stable Diffusion, which is attributed to Stability AI in public discourse, was actually developed by an outside research lab and compute was funded by the company.

  • They accuse Emad of overstating progress, not hitting payroll, and having funding woes.

  • And even highlighting that the $100M they closed last fall was done in less than 6 days

In response, Emad took to Twitter (as one does in AI).

He refuted everything, and urged his team to focus on "shipping."

While the Forbes article raises valid concerns about hype and investor diligence in the AI industry, we don't see Stability AI's situation as quite the doomsday scenario that was painted.

Stability AI is an influential player in the AI landscape. If they were to falter, it would undoubtedly slow the open source community's momentum, which could cause us to have more AI systems that are behind closed doors (like ChatGPT), a less active public research community, and a whole set of follow-on issues.

But Stability AI isn’t the only open source player. Meta has actually been more to thank for current, high performing open source large language models than Stability AI.

So, while the Emad saga may cause some ripples, our take - it's not as big of a deal as some people might think.


How to build your own AI app, without writing code

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