Is software writing itself?

GPT-4 can write and deploy code all by itself; Use GPT in your Google Sheets and Docs

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  • GPT-4 is writing and deploying code all by itself

  • GPT in Google Sheets is changing the game for AI in work

  • AI product launches that should be on the top of your to-watch list

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Is software writing itself?

There’s long been a saying that software was eating the world. The joke today is that AI is eating software. And it’s kind of true.

This developer has quickly gotten popular for his experiments of using GPT-4 to code for him. His voice-prompt-to-code demo has built complete applications and deployed them. 🤯

While everything is still demo-level today (and probably cherry picked, aka not reliable) - his take on the future of software definitely lands with an air of credibility:

So what happens in a world where software writes itself? There’s a good argument that now is the best time to learn the basics of coding and you might be able to build something beyond what you thought was possible.

Others argue that we’re about to see a massive democratization of access to software developers as talented developers are simply able to have much broader reach.

It feels weird to end most of our news updates with “now is a great time to be paying attention to AI”… but hey, it’s true. 🤷‍♀️

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2M+ people are using GPT in their Google Sheets and Docs

ChatGPT is incredible for one-off tasks. But once you have an ongoing process, or massive lists of tasks to complete - adding automation can take things to the next level.

We’ve been big fans of GPT for Sheets since it first launched, and the team behind it has kept making it better. You can quickly generate lists, clean data, categorize (or classify) items, extract tables from messy text data, summarize, and more.

Our most recent use case? Generating quick taglines for 100+ AI products based on their descriptions for an upcoming project. Something that would have taken us hours - took minutes.

If you haven’t already, try GPT for Sheets or GPT for Docs by Talarian. (p.s. it’s completely free!)


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