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Siri and ChatGPT team up; AI simplifies budget request process

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Apple unveiled major AI upgrades to Siri at their developer conference.

  • Use AI to generate persuasive budget requests in minutes.

  • An AI startup is providing ethical training data for AI to empower artists.

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Siri Teams Up with ChatGPT

Apple hosted their developer conference this week, unveiling news that was both surprising and exactly what we were expecting.

Siri got an upgrade, and it is a great example of where AI is headed: agents & actions.

Let's break it down.

You might have seen headlines like "Apple integrated ChatGPT with Siri." That's partially true but misses the key point.

Apple not only enhanced Siri's capabilities but also gave it "access" to ChatGPT so it can delegate harder tasks that ChatGPT might be better at.

This "team of AIs" design is crucial in the realm of AI agents—AIs that can reason through problems, make decisions, and complete tasks for you.

But Apple didn't stop there.

They dramatically expanded Siri's scope. Just a few weeks ago, OpenAI unveiled their Mac app, sparking rumors of an AI capable of taking over tasks on your phone. This new version of Siri brings that vision to life.

Siri now features a rainbow banner around your entire screen and can take actions and coordinate between different apps on your phone.

Apple unveiled many more AI features, including Genmoji, which lets people use AI to generate any emoji they want rather than being constrained to the current set.

We expect these changes to accelerate AI adoption dramatically, particularly in advanced AI like agents and actions.

Anyone with a business, product, or service should be thinking about how to engage with the AI ecosystem.

We’ve got something in the works for creative agency owners—if that’s you, reach out!


Write Your Budget Requests with AI

In the fast-paced business world, needing to make purchases or secure funding for initiatives is a common scenario. Most companies have a structured process for budget requests, which can often be tedious and time-consuming. But what if you could generate a comprehensive budget request in minutes?

Enter AI.

  • Ask ChatGPT to assist you in writing a budget request.

  • Provide the necessary details: the amount you need, the purpose of the request, your justification, the expected ROI, and when you need the funds by.

  • In minutes, you'll have a well-structured, persuasive budget request ready to submit.

By leveraging AI, you can make budget requests more effective, ultimately leading to better decision-making and resource allocation within your organization.


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