PREMIUM: Week 2 - How to build your own AI chatbot

Deep dive on prompt chatbots + Chatbase workshop recording

Happy Monday ☀️ We had a great start to our series on building your own custom AI chatbots last week. This week, we're coming at you with more resources, tutorials and support.

As a quick recap - there are a few different types of custom AI chatbots people are building today:

  1. Customizing chatbots via prompts

  2. Customizing chatbots via adding context (your own data or docs)

  3. Customizing chatbots via fine tuning a model

Last week, we covered an Intro to Custom Chatbots and the second approach — Customizing via Adding Context. We'll recap additional resources below + are releasing our chapters on the first approach - customizing via prompts.

Below you'll find a breakdown of the new playbook section Building with AI: Custom Prompt Chatbots, including the step-by-step video to build a custom prompt chatbot with no-code.

Dig in below, or you can access everything in The AI Exchange Playbook along with the other chapters (must be logged in with subscriber account).

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[Subscriber Log In Required] Building with AI: Custom Prompt Chatbots

Since ChatGPT's explosion, prompt chatbots have grown in popularity. In this chapter, we're going to explain what prompt chatbots are, how they work, and how to build them. We've also linked to a case study down below which contains a video tutorial to building your own prompt chatbot with Zapier.


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