PREMIUM: Data Privacy & Ownership

Your guide on data privacy and ownership concerns regarding AI tools and ChatGPT

Happy Monday! We just dropped a new playbook chapter, and since it's been highly requested - we're sending a copy straight to your inbox.

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My company is concerned about the data privacy and IP implications of ChatGPT. We are on the edge of banning it. I think that's a terrible idea. But don't really have the full picture on what to recommend instead. Do you have tips?

An anonymous AI Exchange'r

We've got you. The latest chapter in The AI Exchange Playbook is out 🎉 and it's on AI Fundamentals: Data Privacy & Ownership.

The gist of what's covered:

  • The difference between data privacy and data ownership (and model ownership)

  • 4 key questions to evaluate all AI apps you use on

  • Recommended approaches for policies on using ChatGPT, GPT-4 and other AI apps (including the Reddit Rule + a customizable prompt for generating a company policy)

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