ChatGPT that can handle 1M+ tokens?

New research shows context limits could be a thing of the past; What's the most AI-ready department?

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  • An end to word count limits in ChatGPT?

  • Dive into a use case that's primed for generative AI: customer support

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Researchers are designing ways for ChatGPT to do 1M+ tokens

Ever gotten an error when inputting too long of a transcript into ChatGPT? Or been frustrated when ChatGPT forgets the earlier part of your chat conversation?

This is because ChatGPT only remembers a few thousand tokens (or word chunks) at a time. AKA, it has small short term memory.

Short term memory is an important problem for the future of our favorite large language models. Researchers have been working hard on finding cost-effective ways to increase it. And a new AI research paper was just released on a possible approach to scale memory to 1-2M+ tokens (yes millions! 🤯) by basically letting the model learn the meaning of groups of tokens instead of only tokens.

It's still in research phase, but with how quickly this space is moving - we think it’s worth thinking ahead to a future where you could send a TON of information to these models at a time. For example:

  1. Marketers could send raw transcripts of customer interviews and extract the best positioning for a new campaign

  2. Business owners could ask ChatGPT to analyze and redline entire legal documents

  3. Software engineers could feed it an entire code base and suggest vulnerabilities or improvements

  4. Film producers could have ChatGPT analyze a script and draft movie reviews or critic takes, then iterate until they got a script they liked

  5. … or heck, even write the entire script in the first place

While this isn’t a reality yet today — don’t write off your potential AI applications if short term memory is what’s holding you back. Progress is happening.


Customer support, the most generative AI-ready profession?

We’ve spoken with 200+ businesses in the last few months on their AI adoption plans and successes. Across the board - one of the most mature use cases is customer support.

What is AI doing in customer support? To name a few ...

  • Drafting responses based on support docs and previous data

  • Helping customers find their answer with a “ChatGPT” for support docs

  • Even going a step further and resolving the issue by giving GPT access to tools that can issue refunds, handle reset password requests, and more

We enjoyed this recent paper which studied the impact of AI on customer service, and found a 14% productivity increase in just the initial rollout.

p.s. if you’re looking to use AI for customer support — feel free to respond and we’re happy to make a product recommendation.


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