NVIDIA approaches the Trillion-Dollar Club

And what it means for AI; Chat with your own documents directly in ChatGPT

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • NVIDIA’s stock has risen > 10,000% over the last 10 years - but why are people buying it and what does this have to do with AI?

  • Chatting with documents has never been easier. Check out this new ChatGPT plugin.

  • And ChatGPT plugins are now altering how some businesses approach growth

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Why are people buying NVIDIA stock?

Over the last 10 years, Nvidia's shares have risen more than 10,000%, the best performance of any company in the S&P 500 over that period.

They’re now valued over $950B, and may soon join the trillion-dollar-market-cap club — the current members are just Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

What is NVIDIA and why do they matter in AI? We’ll explain.

NVIDIA dominates the market for GPUs (graphics processing units) aka, the computer chips that power the training and running of AI models like ChatGPT. They are optimized to run parallel tasks and do the math required for models like GPT efficiently.

And of course - now that investment dollars are pouring into the space - they are reaping the rewards.

From what we hear on the ground…

Big companies are putting their heads down and building. Many of which are buying GPUs to experiment with training their own models.

And NVIDIA is ready. They’ve teamed up with Dell to support on-premise and secure deployments for enterprise customers, and Microsoft to offer further optimized compute options for Windows 11 and desktop computers. Not to mention their already booming core business.

And hey, if you wanted to buy your own A100, it’ll only put you out about $18K.

It looks like the new gold rush is upon us, and NVIDIA is selling all the picks and shovels.


Get Answers from Your PDFs Instantly

Chatting with documents has completely altered the way we interact with and learn from written information. And now this capability is available to users directly within ChatGPT.

AskYourPDF is a plugin that allows you to easily extract valuable information from PDF documents.

With this plugin, you can simply share a link to any PDF, and it will enable you to ask questions or engage in a chat-like conversation with the information contained in the document.

We love this plugin and find it especially helpful when dealing with a large volume of documents and needing quick access to specific details or insights.


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