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Now hiring: Humans

What new jobs will be created with AI?

Well, we’ve got an interesting one for you today. Buckle up.

A new breed of job marketplaces are emerging. Instead of people hiring via traditional platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, these companies are betting on a different future: AIs hiring people. 

How does that work??

One company, Payman, is still in closed beta testing, but here’s how it works:

  1. An AI developer deposits money to an account on Payman, then gives their AI agents access via code.

  2. The AI developer can then program their AI agent to post “jobs” on the Payman job marketplace.

  3. Jobs are available to any humans on the platform that are looking to make extra income

  4. Humans complete and submit finished work to the AI & get paid 

Why is this actually *not a terrible idea?

AI hiring humans solves a major AI adoption bottleneck.

After identifying use cases, the biggest headache in AI adoption for business leaders is trust.

AI still has shortcomings. It can accidentally learn patterns in data that carry out a biased action or make mistakes.

But including a human review step can catch mistakes and increase accountability, leading to increased trust. 

What kinds of jobs might an AI hire a human for?

The general consensus is that AI can hire humans to “complete tasks beyond AI’s capabilities”. 

Here are some categories we see emerging:

  • Completing real world tasks like checking mail

  • Verifying high risk work like legal documents

  • Accessing websites or platforms with captcha or anti-AI security measures

  • Monitoring or labeling the correctness of AI tasks

  • (just to name a few)

So… will AI hire people, or will people hire AIs?

We think both.

The future holds a new model of human-AI-collaboration that’s just beginning to be born.

You may have seen “AI employees” marketed, or even entire “AI teams”. 

Based on our research lab’s work – let us just say, this future is definitely coming.

USE CASE, your new AI-powered sous-chef

We've all been there. You have half a cauliflower, some spaghetti, and a jar of jam in your fridge. The question is, what do you make with them? While AI won’t magically make your ingredients better, it can certainly help you find a recipe that uses them!

Here’s how to get cooking:

  1. Hop onto (it’s free!)

  2. Enter the ingredients you’ve got on hand. Feel free to mention your favorite food blogs—it’s connected to the internet!

  3. Let Perplexity do its magic. It’ll whip up recipe suggestions, even customizing them for the odd half cauliflower you might have.

Why try it?

  • Reduce Food Waste: Make the most of what you have.

  • Boost Your Culinary Creativity: Discover new and exciting recipes.

  • Save Time: Forget scrolling through recipes online.

The cooking is still be up to you, but with, finding what to cook is easier than ever.


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