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Breaking down what you need to now about using Custom Instructions; Gain insights faster from your customer feedback

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • A breakdown of ChatGPT Plus’s new feature: Custom Instructions

  • How to make decisions faster by getting AI to do the heavy lifting

  • A sleeping tech giant enters the race

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Breaking down Custom Instructions, ChatGPT Plus’s newest feature

OpenAI recently added Custom Instructions, a way to set default behavior and text across all your chats, promising to give you more control over how the LLM treats your requests.

So how well does it work? Our honest review is that it’s underwhelming.

But - this is likely a first step towards OpenAI's promise that users will be able to set their own rules and behaviors, even when they may strongly disagree.

So, it's worth knowing about and experimenting on your own - if anything, just to keep building up your AI Literacy.

Your Quick Guide to Setting Your Custom Instructions

  1. You need to have a ChatGPT Plus Account

  2. Go to your Name > 'Settings and Beta'

  3. Click on 'Beta Features' and turn on 'Custom Instructions' ... the same place you can turn on Code Interpreter and other Beta Features

Now, you can set two different types of Custom Instructions:

  • What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?

  • How would you like ChatGPT to respond?

Voila! These Custom Instructions will now be used as a prelude to any of your chat threads.

Power Tips to Get the Most out of Custom Instructions

  1. Add instructions that you repeat often: For us, we added 'Be concise'. Because well, we say that a lot.

  2. Add context about you and your business or work: But stick with the context that you think is relevant for all of your chat threads.

  3. Steal Sam Altman's Custom Instructions: Sam still has the best custom instructions we've seen yet. We personally like 'ignore all niceties'.

Expect that your AI model will know more about you

Part of why we are underwhelmed is that you can actually do this and a lot more with many other AI tools and products on the market.

In fact, many people are taking this a few steps further and building prompt libraries that pull in context specific to the prompt at hand (that's what we use & recommend!).

One thing we agree with: if you're recreating your prompts each time and repeating context you've shared before, that's not a very smart AI. So we're glad to see this feature in OpenAI's ChatGPT now.


Make better decisions, faster, with AI

We know the feeling of trying to make a big decision. Synthesizing insights can feel like trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle, but with hours on end and a mountain of sticky notes. And let's be honest, we often miss a thing or two.

Well we’ve got good news for product teams: Build Better has you guys covered.

It's like having an AI sidekick for your customer calls, making sense of all your chats. With Build Better, all of those long transcripts turn into digestible nuggets of knowledge – kind of like magic. Their purpose-built search and crazy-good summarizations are some of the best we’ve seen on the market.

So, if you're on the hunt for a way to give your customer research a turbo boost using AI, check out Build Better.

And for Premium Members: watch the recording of the Build Better workshop a few weeks ago, here in the Member Hub!


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