Microsoft Unveils A Super "Copilot"

Because OpenAI couldn't win all the chips; using AI to draw a functioning website

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Microsoft unveiled their super “Copilot”

  • Seeing a glimpse of what we can now do with GPT-4 Vision

  • Big tech gets into audio and video fakes

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Microsoft unveils a super “Copilot”

Microsoft's big announcements have been overshadowed by OpenAI's GPTs - but it doesn't mean they aren't worth paying attention to. The star of the show? Their decision to expand their Copilot offering.

(ok they didn’t call it a super Copilot, but in our opinion… missed opportunity)

"Copilot" is now their overall brand term for their powerhouse of generative AI tech, and is projected to rake in an impressive $10 billion in annualized revenue by 2026. That's a number that should make any business owner sit up and take notice.

But here's the real kicker - they're actually sharing real adoption numbers. 40% of Fortune 100 companies have already been experimenting with Copilot, as per Microsoft CEO Satya.

What's Changed About Copilot?

It now boasts features like Bing search, email and document search, PowerPoint actions, and the ability to connect to external tools. All in one place. (Sounds like ChatGPT doesn't it?)

And adding Copilot Studio

Microsoft’s answer to GPT Builder unveiled by OpenAI last week.

Meanwhile Sam Altman is having to turn away new OpenAI Plus subscribers because of too much demand.

Things are heating up a bit 🔥 


Draw a couple boxes, get a functioning website

With all the custom GPT talk - we can’t let OpenAI’s other big announcements take a back seat. The ability to use GPT-4’s vision models in other products is a game changer 🤯 

If you’re a designer or developer, we’ve got one you should definitely check out:


For your reading list 📚

Microsoft is making big moves in AI...

Big tech takes a step further into new domains...

  • YouTube is taking a stand against AI-generated musician clones, introducing new guidelines and penalties. Even voice mimicry for parodies won't be spared.

  • Amazon's Astro is expanding its reach to the corporate world, specifically targeting SMBs with new security capabilities. The home robotics market just got a lot more competitive!

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