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Microsoft's AI strategy, unpacked + make your own ChatGPT in Slack

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Unpacking Microsoft's big moves in the AI space

  • DIY ChatGPT step-by-step tutorial using Slack and Make

  • Google's AI 'code red' in response to ChatGPT

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Microsoft’s AI moves, unpacked

Microsoft and Open AI officially announced a multibillion dollar investment to “extend” the partnership.

It’s clear that Microsoft has an exceptional position in the market.

AI will revolutionize the way we work, and Microsoft’s productivity tools appear to be at the center of it.

Just to name a few headlines we’ve been watching:

Does this mean Microsoft has this market in the bag?

One way to be wrong is to try to predict the future. So we're not going to do that here.  Signs above might point to "yes". So we're also going to share the argument for “no”.

We know Google is hard at work planning their release of likely multiple competing AI products, including Sparrow.

Well-funded startups including Anthropic are actively building and launching their own language models, some insiders we’ve talked to say that these models are clearly even better than GPT-3.

Creating an AI model like GPT-3 requires three key elements: data, compute, and a skilled team. Many companies have access to these, so the way they bring them to market will matter greatly.

Reid Hoffman said in a talk last week, that it’s likely these AI model providers will end up as an oligopoly, not a monopoly.

Ok that was a lot of links.

But we’ve found that the quickly changing AI landscape does influence a lot of how industries and businesses will lean into adopting AI. And watching where the big players are looking and investing can be helpful to all.


Recreate your own DIY ChatGPT (with Slack and Make)

But let’s say you wanted to mimic the conversational style of ChatGPT. And today we're going to show you how to make your own ChatGPT dupe.

The secret sauce is all in the prompt

ChatGPT dupe prompt

All you need to get started is a (1) Slack account, (2) Open AI account, and (3) free Make subscription.


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All this talk about Microsoft, what about Google?

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