Diving into Italy's ChatGPT ban

Takeaways from Italy's ChatGPT ban; Use AI for team professional headshots

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Privacy concerns impacting ChatGPT in Italy

  • Hate taking professional headshots like we do? Use AI instead.

  • AI landscape shifts that could be impacting enterprises

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Banned ChatGPT in Italy

The Italian government banned ChatGPT last week on data privacy concerns, and the potential violation of GDPR (the EU data privacy laws) has other European governments taking a closer look.

Now, there’s debate as to whether the ban was warranted. And whether it will stick around.

But this circles back to an issue we’ve been discussing for months: the loose rules and policies tools like ChatGPT have around data and how it’s used.

The TLDR on the “ChatGPT” ecosystem:

  • ChatGPT (the app) shares your data back with the OpenAI team for feedback and even potentially future model training (unless you explicitly opt-out)

  • ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 (the APIs) do not share your data back with OpenAI unless you explicitly opt-in

  • 3rd party products that use OpenAI’s APIs will be subject to OpenAI’s API policies + their own (so it’s best to check them)

Data privacy is a big open question, especially for businesses. This might be a good wedge for OpenAI’s nearest competitor, Anthropic, to make a splash. Who coincidentally just updated their terms March 29th, to explicitly say:

"We will not train our machine learning models on any Prompts or Results that are not publicly available”

We're watching this closely.


Professional headshots don't need to be a headache anymore

We all know that having the right team images is paramount in the success of any business, but let's be honest, the time and resources it takes to update those images can be a headache.

Melissa Emler, CEO/educator, knows this, and started using AI to generate headshots.


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