Google's Big Move in AI-Powered Ads

Big tech's role in the AI content wars heats up with Google's AI assistant for Google Ads

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  • The battle between AI-generated content and human-created content is heating up

  • "Brain drain" from academia to commercial AI research intensifies

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Are You Ready for Google's AI Advertising Revolution?

The AI content wars are going to heat up in 2024 as the battle between what AI can create and what humans want to consume explodes.

But one thing we are watching very closely is how big tech plays in these wars.

And Google made a very interesting next move.

Google just launched a new conversational AI assistant for Google Ads. It's not just another chatbot - instead it accelerates the campaign creation process to make it crazy easy for any business to set up and start running effective Google Ads in minutes.

Here's how it works:

  1. You simply input your website URL.

  2. The AI assistant meticulously scans your site content.

  3. It then generates relevant ad text, keywords, and custom product images.

  4. The images are generated by AI and are clearly labeled for your approval.

Google touts it as a straightforward, efficient process that eliminates the guesswork from ad creation.

Now, you might be thinking - well, AI content kinda sucks.

That's normally true. Except Google has the perfect storm here.

Google actually knows how good content is. So if AI is generating bad content, it'll see it won't get clicks, which then will incentivize Google to make their AI make better content, so that Google gets paid.


This move by Google, coupled with similar initiatives by Facebook and LinkedIn, could really create a future dominated by AI-generated content (especially when this data feedback loop exists).

LinkedIn's "help me write" AI feature has already stirred up controversy, with some users arguing that it's easy to distinguish between bot-generated and human-written content.

Only time will tell.

In case you want to read more, here's Google's full announcement:


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