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Recap of Google's I/O event; Write more focused content with this use case

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  • Google announced a TON at its I/O conference yesterday, here's everything you need to know

  • Use ChatGPT to critique and iterate on your own content based on your target audience

  • And AI is coming to a fast food chain near you

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Everything you need to know that got unveiled at Google I/O 

Google unveiled new projects, new features and new waitlists at their developer conference Google I/O yesterday.

Search is changing. Access to customizing AI large language models is growing. And they’re working to improve transparency and accountability with AI solutions.

We’re going to break down the most important takeaways to help you stay ahead.

(We didn’t know how to order them — so the biggest ones are at the end).

#1: Bard, Google’s answer to ChatGPT, is available to everyone and got some upgrades

Google touted that it’s much better at writing code. And once you have that code, you can export it directly into Google’s Colab notebooks or deploy it on Replit.

Bard is also getting access to tools. If you have it write you an email, you’ll be able to send that draft to your gmail and continue there. Integrations with Instacart, OpenTable and more are coming.

You can test it out yourself here:

#2: In fact, generative AI is showing up everywhere

Google is integrating its new Duet AI into Docs, Slides, and Google Sheets.

They’re also introducing a “Help me write” feature that can draft and rewrite emails based on context you provide, directly in Gmail. Join the waitlist for workspace:

#3: PaLM 2 is out, and will be accompanied by different sized models for different use cases

And the next generation of Google’s language model is now powering Bard along with an initial set of partners, including Wendy’s app. Get on the waitlist for PaLM API access here:

#4: Google promised more ways to customize and fine tune models

Including the ability to set up our own reinforcement learning from feedback loops. Prompting, fine tuning and deploying LLMs will all happen within Vertex, Google’s developer platform for creating and hosting generative AI models. You can access Vertex AI here:

#5: Google will be watermarking all AI-generated content

They demo’d an example with images, but watermarking has also been explored for text by many of the AI giants. The goal behind these initiatives is to promote a more responsible landscape for generative AI.

#6: And last but not least — “conversational UI” is coming to Google’s core search experience

Yes, you read that right. Chat, or as Google put it, “a snapshot of your search” is coming.

This will have a big impact on the future of SEO. And they covered that it will contain ads. See a peek of what it will look like below.

And here’s their link for the new search waitlist:


Critique and iterate on your own content with GPT

This has become one of our favorite ChatGPT use cases in recent weeks.

The idea is to describe the pain points, motivations, and other identifying attributes of your target audience.

Then ask ChatGPT (we like using GPT-4 for this) to evaluate how much your specific piece of content helped, or didn't help them.

Here's the example prompt template that we use:

Below are some details about our target audience. Can you rewrite this in a clear, concise, and informative definition of our target audience that we can share along as a creative brief?

[add bullet points that describe your target persona + give them a name, like "Adam"]

Did Adam derive value from the following content piece? Please explain your rationale.

[piece of content, i.e. blog or LinkedIn post]


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