The Floodgates Open: ChatGPT for Enterprise

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The AI floodgates are open: ChatGPT for Enterprise Launch

Yesterday, OpenAI unveiled their ChatGPT Enterprise Plans. In one product launch, they got rid of the #1 blocker for adoption (data privacy) and reaffirmed their belief that everyone is going to be using this in every business.

From our point of view, it’s very likely this is the start of the floodgates opening. The most well-known AI company now has a business-specific offering. Here’s everything you need to know 🚀 

What is ChatGPT Enterprise

First off, let's delve into what's included in these plans. For those of you who value your data privacy - and let's be honest, who doesn't? - you'll be glad to know that OpenAI won't train on your data.

Enterprise ChatGPT also promises unlimited and fast access to GPT-4 and a longer context window of up to 20K+ words, which means you'll be able to upload more files and have lengthy, meaningful conversations with ChatGPT.

And the piece that got us most excited: 'shared chat templates' (Hello, Prompt libraries!).

OpenAI’s AI for Work Roadmap

OpenAI also gave us a glimpse of what’s ahead:

  1. They're working on customizing ChatGPT by giving it secure access to your data

  2. They’ll be adding more power tools for various teams, including marketing and customer support.

  3. And will have a self-serve Business plan available soon

Preparing for a world of ChatGPT-powered businesses

Ok we wouldn't go that far. OpenAI has some serious competitors in Anthropic and Microsoft. But, there is a reality emerging that as the tools for businesses to use AI get better, the wider the gap will become between the adopters and anyone sitting on the sidelines.

Yes, the data privacy change is a big one. But what's bigger is what OpenAI is clearly telling us about the value of creating and using AI-powered workflows with their upcoming shared chat templates and deeper investment in AI powered tools within ChatGPT.

How to get access

For now, you'll have to be an Enterprise and chat with Sales. But OpenAI did say they have plans to roll out a self-serve Business plan soon.


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