OpenAI is rolling out ChatGPT Plugins

Check out all of the new use cases; Why every content creator should have their own chatbot

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • ChatGPT plugins are being rolled out to all plus subscribers, here's a breakdown of how to get the most out of the beta release (once you get access!)

  • Every content creator or business with large databases of content should be building their own chatbot

  • The LLM wars continue between Anthropic and OpenAI

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Plugins are rolling out to all ChatGPT Plus Subscribers

OpenAI recently announced they'll be rolling out ChatGPT plugins in Beta to all Plus subscribers - this includes access to 70+ third-party plugins from text-to-audio conversions to real-time data on stocks and crypto.

And we're here to tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of them.

Let's dig in.

How do ChatGPT Plugins work?

ChatGPT plugins give ChatGPT access to 3rd party tools.

They do this via an API. An API is like a digital bridge that allows different software systems to easily communicate and share information with each other.

One challenge with Plugins is that they aren't explicitly told how to use these tools. Instead, they are given a manual (called a manifest) to the tool and they use AI to figure out how to use the tool. The result is that plugins can be a little bit fickle, and not always work.

Tips for using Plugins

To use a plugin, you'll first need to "install" it. Then you need to "activate" plugins for a specific thread. You can activate a max of 3 plugins per thread, and cannot activate conflicting plugins (such as two travel plugins like Expedia and Kayak).

It's best to enable all the ones you might want ChatGPT to use at the start of your thread. You can't enable or disable them after the fact.

From our experimentation over the weekend, here's where we recommend getting started:

Top Productivity Plugins

  • AskYourPDF - share a link to any PDF and it will let you ask questions or chat with the information

  • Zapier - connect to almost any other app. It can even tweet for you. Don't worry, won't do automatically. It gives you a review page.

  • Prompt Perfect - automatically rewrites your prompts.

  • VideoInsights - access transcripts and summaries of any YouTube video

Top Business Plugins

  • BizToc - access to the most recent business and tech news, and will provide summaries back

  • - answer questions about SEO best practices, optimize articles for local SEO best practices, and more

  • Kraftful - a product manager in your pocket

Top Technical Plugins

  • Noteable - create python notebooks to go deeper on visualizing data

  • Wolfram - if you want to do more in depth math

  • Obviously the code interpreter, which is still in alpha and we'll go into in more detail in a future newsletter


Chat with any content, including ours — AIxChat

We're all in on building custom chatbots.

The result from our 3-week experiment with AIxBot - our own custom chatbot in Slack - has been fantastic.

Every content creator or business with a significant amount of content should be looking at building their own chatbot. And here's why:

  • Chatbots make your content more accessible and personalizable to your audience

  • Frequently asked questions in your chatbot give you a roadmap for what people are finding the most value and where to expand content next

We’ve now integrated ours directly into our premium subscriber hub, where it can answer any AI question based on our content and recommended resources with direct links to our content!

If you want to learn how AI-powered custom chatbots work, premium subscribers are getting a full breakdown of why you should build one and the different approaches.

And premium subscribers: we have a private workshop with Chatbase*, ChatGPT for your website, this Thursday (check out the Slack announcement for more info!)

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