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The battle for custom models is heating up; We've got an awesome Midjourney hack for you

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Here's what we're covering today: 

  • A new domain-specific healthcare model just arrived, and it's making us ask: will every industry have an AI model?

  • This Midjourney Poe bot is a game-changer for generating Midjourney prompts

  • And more leaders in the space are starting the speak out

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Will every industry have an AI model?

There’s a fresh face in the AI game: Hippocratic AI just announced $50M in funding to build a domain-specific model for healthcare.

Their justification — an AI model purpose-built for healthcare will outperform a general one. It needs to learn “bedside manners”, the language of medicine, and nuance which require specific data, focus, and training that a generalized model like GPT cannot do.

And their benchmarks already show they’ve beaten GPT-4 in a few specific domains.

But why is that interesting?

If you want a customized model for your industry - we’ve got good news and bad news.

Good news is that we are clearly in an arms race for customized large language models, and companies are taking a variety of approaches:

  1. Scale AI is hiring dozens of experts in Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Accounting, etc to build detailed training datasets, likely to power expert-curated models.

  2. OpenAI has been pushing prompting as the way to customize, to the point that they aren’t even supporting fine-tuning for their most recent models.

  3. Countless companies and startups are creating ways to customize ChatGPT with your own data, your own documents.

But the bad news is that it’s all still extremely early. There’s really no proven method yet to have a custom version of GPT that really works. And if you have a case study yourself - shoot us a note, we’d love to know!

We talked to the Hippocratic AI CEO, Munjal Shah, and even he acknowledged their approach probably only makes sense for a few domains.

This is the pain of being an early adopter. But we also get to watch as the best-in-class approaches unfold in front of us.

As we say often, the wins come from paying attention and grabbing the low-hanging fruit as you see it. Focus on understanding AI fundamentals and implementing small-scale AI projects, and you’ll be ready as the capabilities advance.

ps. If you have a use case or want to chat more about building customized models — join The AI Exchange community in Slack. We’re here to help.


Poe Bots: get amazing Midjourney prompts, for free

Ok we’re pretty excited to share this hack we discovered with you guys.

You might remember that Poe launched chatbots a few months ago. Well, we checked back in and found a Midjourney chatbot that takes in a prompt of what you’d want help generating and gives back 💯 amazing prompts.

Basically, you can tell the bot a general description of what you’d like to generate, and it will return a complex, Midjourney specific prompt to help you get started.

We’ve found it’s particularly good at helping get more realistic images. See our example of a futuristic city with flying cars below!

Access the Midjourney chatbot on Poe: https://poe.com/Midjourney

(Note: you’ll need to copy/paste the prompt into Midjourney to actually generate).


a futuristic city with flying cars that looks realistic


color photo of a futuristic city with flying cars, sleek, shiny, bustling, vibrant, high-tech, shot at dusk, Sony Alpha 1, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 film, Sony FE 24mm f/1.4 GM lens, mounted on tripod, with long exposure, Christopher Nolan, Wally Pfister, National Geographic, Karl Lagerfeld, —c 10 —ar 2:3


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