Disable training in ChatGPT

OpenAI launched Data Controls; We launched something too!

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  • We've all been waiting... and finally you can disable ChatGPT's training on your data!

  • We launched something big too!!

  • The open-source space is starting to heat up

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You can now disable ChatGPT’s training on your data

Yes, the long awaited feature is here!

OpenAI officially launched Data Controls, including a way to remove your chat history from their system and prevent your ChatGPT conversations from being included in the training of future AI models.

While the feature isn’t perfect - ⚠️ enabling will delete your chat history too ⚠️ It’s definitely a step in the right direction, and we know will unlock more practical use cases for many people in their work.

OpenAI also soft announced they’ll be launching a ChatGPT Plus business plan in the near future, which will give users even more control over their data.

Across the board - very promising news.


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