Defining Your Industry's Playbook

Blueprinting AI for your industry; 4 steps to level up with ChatGPT

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  • Why there aren’t easy to follow blueprints for AI-powered businesses (at least not yet)

  • 4 actionable steps to go from one-off ChatGPT uses to working AI-first

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Creating AI Blueprints for Your Industry

"I just want an industry blueprint for AI-powered businesses"

Everyone in the same boat.

It's still early days in the AI adoption timeline, and everyone is trying to navigate these uncharted waters.

Just as we have standard playbooks for direct-to-consumer, ecommerce, and brick-and-mortar businesses today, standard blueprints for various AI-powered businesses are being built.

Like e-commerce has become a de-facto standard for retail; we’ll likely have a de-facto standard for its AI-ification.

But we're not there yet. This is a new frontier, and we're all pioneers, mapping out the terrain as we go. (cheesy, but true)

This presents a golden opportunity for those up for the challenge. It's your chance to define the playbooks or blueprints for your industry. Yes, AI companies are trying to do this, but don't discredit your own ability to figure things out as you begin to integrate AI into your business.

And don’t feel like you need to boil the ocean immediately. We haven’t shared our step-by-step advice on how to get started in a while, so we’ll share below.

Remember, this is a journey, not a sprint. It's about learning, experimenting, and iterating as you go.

And who knows? You might just end up defining the playbook for your industry.


4 steps to go from one-off ChatGPT prompts to working AI-first

Rachel had a TikTok on AI workflows recently and we got a bunch of emails with questions on how to get started.

If you’re stuck with using ChatGPT for surface level stuff - here’s 4 steps you can take to level up your game:

  1. Start by collecting your prompts in a prompt library

  2. Improve upon those prompts, a great sign is when you start to impress yourself with how little editing you need to do afterwards

  3. Begin to tackle more and more complex tasks with prompts

  4. And as a bonus - start pulling them into automations


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