Who owns the IP when you use GPT?

Unblocking AI adoption; how to use AI image generation for your brand assets

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Digging into one of the biggest blockers in adopting AI: data ownership

  • Use AI image generation to help create your next brand book

  • A reading list focused on some important OpenAI updates

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Who owns the IP when you use GPT?

Data privacy and data ownership concerns are becoming some of the biggest blockers to AI adoption in business. We hear this from you, a lot. And it’s a big topic.

So today, we’re going to break down two specific questions:

  1. What happens to text input/output in ChatGPT?

  2. What happens to text input/output in GPT3?

Let’s dig in.

ChatGPT is still in free research preview. Open AI has explicitly stated they are offering this product for free in exchange for feedback and usage data. That’s how ChatGPT is improving over time (reinforcement learning from human feedback).

It’s safe to assume (1) your inputs and outputs are being used in some way to improve the model and (2) researchers might specifically look at your data to study ways to improve the model.

In contrast, GPT-3 is more ready for proprietary use.

If you’re new here, GPT-3 is the AI model behind ChatGPT which you can access directly by going to the Open AI playground and you can even use in your own products via their API.

We read Open AI’s terms of use on 1/28/2023 and here’s what we found:

  1. You own all input (prompts)

  2. Open AI assigns you the right to the outputs (generations)

  3. Open AI can review inputs and outputs (content) to improve its models or services

  4. You can request to opt out of that review by emailing [email protected]

OpenAI Terms of Use

Please note: this is not legal advice and we are not lawyers. Please consult an attorney for legal advice.

There were some other interesting parts:

  1. An explicit callout that generations may not be unique across users (something we know)

  2. Content requested by and generated for others users is not considered your Content

  3. A way to submit copyright complaints that would “censor” future generations coming out of the model

We’re going to keep digging, if you have other questions - respond & let us know!


Build an AI image style template

AI art generation is fun, but it can also have significant value for your business.

For example, we use Midjourney to generate all of our blog/newsletter images. To get a consistent look, we spent a few hours creating a template that we use with each.

You could start doing this for your brand or company. Or - like we shared on TikTok - you could even create these and sell them to other companies.

The beginner version: create templates for a visual brand. You can do this in Midjourney. First, spend time with their documentation and community feed to get prompt inspiration. Then build a template that can be used to create consistent imagery in a set style.

Here's roughly how we do ours (brand template not exactly what we use 😉)

The advanced version: create and host a custom AI art model. The basic process would include curating a training dataset, using an open source AI art model like stable diffusion, and fine tuning for your purposes! We like these tutorials: Colab and Hugging Face.


For your reading list 📚

No shortage of OpenAI updates as they've recently...

And if you're really nerdy ...


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