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Tips for getting the most out of your knowledge with AI; steps to set up a feedback-giving bot

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  • Tips for taking full advantage of your knowledge

  • Using AI to give you feedback

  • Elon Musk’s progress and OpenAI’s saga aftermath

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Taking Full Advantage of Your Knowledge

Today we're talking about one of the most valuable assets in AI today.


You might be thinking, "What knowledge?" Well, you'd be surprised by the depth of knowledge that already exists within your company.

And with generative AI and the right knowledge management strategy - you can unlock essentially perfect context and perfect memory for your work.

Crazy sounding, right?

Well, it's actually becoming more attainable than you'd think.

As more teams are experimenting with knowledge management via Custom GPTs, here's our quick tips:

1. Tap your existing knowledge sources

Businesses we work with are often surprised by how much knowledge they have already at their finger tips. Oftentimes, your first order of business should be extracting as much value as you can out of what you have, like:

  1. Use all of your past social media posts to gain context on your company's points of view and tone of voice.

  2. Use sales transcripts and customer support email threads to get full context on your customers and product

2. You can create new knowledge

One of the best methods to creating new "knowledge" is actually just better documenting knowledge you have. For example, answering commonly asked questions and creating a knowledge base of the answers.

Also remember, that every task often creates more knowledge.

For example, each time you have a conversation with ChatGPT, you're creating new knowledge about your task, project, or business. Capture that and use it.

3. Use your knowledge + data together

Structured data that lives in databases and excel files is only becoming more valuable. Many teams are already connecting AI directly to an outside database. But with knowledge, you can take it one step further. A great recent benchmarking study from showed that adding in knowledge (via a graph database or other context mechanisms) are proving to up to 3x the performance of using an LLM with normal database tables.

4. Plan for longer memory

Now, you might be worried about AI’s short term memory. But companies like OpenAI and Anthropic are working hard to increase the context limits, or the amount of information the AI can remember at one time. Anthropic just unveiled a 200K context window, after OpenAI unveiled 128K a few weeks ago.

5. Remember that AI treats “knowledge” in a unique way

Long documents where you want AI to have all of the information might not be the best approach. Summaries might be better, as AI has to choose which parts to pay attention to when it generates your response.


Roast yourself (nicely!)

As our friend Nicole said, feedback comes a little nicer when its coming from an AI friend. We couldn’t agree more.

That’s why one of our favorite use cases is using AI to assess, rate, or give feedback on work - before it goes out to our team, to customers, etc.

Here’s the steps to build your own Feedback Giver Prompt.

  1. Tell ChatGPT its job is to review videos and evaluate the quality of that video

  2. Tell it that it can give a rating option from Weak, OK or Strong

  3. Give it criteria for what makes a Strong video, versus an OK or Weak video

  4. Add in examples for good measure

With some iterating, you can have a prompt that gives you a rating and if you ask for it - the feedback on why it gave that rating.

And if you want Rachel’s take on the experience of making a feedback bot that was a little too good.


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