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We'll break down insights from a recent Bain report; highlighting an opportunity for AI Engineers

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The future of work as the cost of execution goes to zero

What will happen to 'work' as AI begins doing more of it for us?

We've been rereading Bain's "The Working Future" report and in today’s send, we’re going to share one line of thinking.

The average number of hours worked per week has decreased through every major industrial/technical revolution so far

Each of these dips correlates to technology that changed how we work...

- Assembly lines in the early 1900s

- Photocopiers, computers, etc. in the late 1900s

But the distribution of hours worked has actually flipped

According to Bain's report, while the top 10% of earners in the US work less today than their 1800s counterpart... the top 10% used to work the least, and now they work the most (small margin, but interesting nonetheless).

In today's world, people who earn the most tend to work the most.

Which brings us to what will happen to “work”, especially Knowledge Work

First, if you think of Knowledge Work as a combination of Strategy + Execution

Sometimes the same person does strategy and execution. Oftentimes, one person does strategy and one person or a team does execution.

Do we value the wrong things in work today?

"Execution is everything" is said a lot.

What if that's wrong?

Execution is crucial, but not because it's everything; because it's often the most challenging aspect to get right. If execution were easy and inexpensive, the true value would lie in the strategy itself.

And we spend a lot of execution energy on the wrong things today 👇

The average knowledge worker spends ~30% of their time on email

The Bain report had this stat, McKinsey has shared similar stats.

Email is potentially the lowest ROI execution we do at the moment. And we spend an egregious amount of time doing it.

What will the next shift hold?

All technical revolutions take advantage of the fact that something is cheap.

With AI, the next cheap resource is execution.


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For the AI Engineers

We talk about AI Operations a lot here at The AI Exchange.

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