Surfing the AI wave, a hackathon recap

How to stay on the cutting edge; categorize support emails with AI

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • AI hackathon debrief & what you can learn from it

  • A step-by-step video for categorizing support emails using GPT in Google Sheets

  • Reading list focused on law and AI: are they partners or at odds?

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How to surf the AI wave

Watching AI adoption the past 6 months has been fascinating.

On one hand - we are incredibly early. The products themselves are actively being built (which we’ll cover that more below). On the other hand - people are adopting AI at a neck-breaking pace.

The combination of those forces has made us all ask - How do I best ride this wave? How do I stay ahead, not get left behind?

This weekend, we went to an AI Hackathon. If you’re not familiar with hackathons, think of it as a brainstorming and problem-solving party where people come together to create new products, usually software.

What's happening at hackathons can help us have the right mindset for adopting AI:

1. Balance between fun and business applications.

Inspiration can take many forms. We saw projects from AI generated rap battles to a bot that will scour GitHub, find engineering tasks and solve them, and lots in between.

2. Rethink everything.

Don't accept how we've been operating. We saw teams ask - what does social media look like with generative AI, or a software backend that’s just GPT 😳.

3. Everyone is researching.

Yesterday's shortcomings are today's research questions. Many smart teams are working on improving ChatGPT’s memory length, to what really constitutes the best prompts for models like ChatGPT and other big questions

4. A push to solve real problems.

Connecting startup energy and real world problems is more difficult than you’d think.

While there are talented teams with niche backgrounds building things like Copilot for Chemists, there are many talented teams eager to find meaningful problems to work on.

We spent a lot of our time chatting with these teams, and sharing what you - the AI Exchange community - have shared as your messiest problems, most labor-expensive time sucks, etc. that you face in your industry.

So keep sending ‘em. 👍 And we’ll keep trying to make connections where we can. 


Categorize support questions in seconds, no big data needed

You guys have been loving our Google Sheets for GPT videos and tutorials. So, we wanted to share another way we are using this in our business:

Categorizing (aka classifying) support questions for further analysis.

Problem we wanted to solve: We needed a way to take emails, categorize them, and understand what kind of questions we are getting to inspire future content.

Solution: Export emails into a Google Sheet and use GPT to categorize for us! 👇

We've created an 8 minute step by step video tutorial showing exactly how we do this with easy to follow steps and even some prompt research techniques 😉.

Let us know if you found it helpful and would like us to continue creating videos like this!


For your reading list 📚

AI and the law today...

OpenAI is continuing to make headlines...

And if you're really nerdy ...

  • For those interested in legal applications of AI - this paper focuses on Catala, a programming language used to describe legal constructs, which could enable generation of this language from legal text via generative AI

  • This paper proposes GLIGEN (grounded-language-to-image generation), a novel approach that seeks to extend the functionality of existing diffusion models by enabling conditioning of grounding inputs

✨As an added bonus, Rachel's been doing a few company workshops. We've formalized the offering and will do these for a limited time while we grow. Here's the link if you're interested in booking for your team or company.✨

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