ChatGPT's Growth Flattened

Is the first wave of AI adoption slowing down?; Exploring the potential of "2nd wave AI"

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • AI adoption wave 1 is plateauing after initial spike in ChatGPT usage

  • What AI adoption wave 2 will look like

  • Rise in open source AI and generative AI applications

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AI adoption wave 1 is plateauing?

ChatGPT is the fastest growing app ever. But very few people are talking about the fact that ChatGPT usage has been relatively flat since it’s initial spike in Spring 2023.

Here’s a graph of estimated visits to the ChatGPT website over the past 2 years:

And there’s many data points of this, including OpenAI spilling the beans that their user numbers hadn’t grown in months at their Developer Day conference last fall.

Meanwhile, it feels like hundreds of VC backed startups are launching every month, thousands of AI thought leaders coming onto the scene, and company’s AI budgets keep growing.

So the growth must be going somewhere…?

Welcome to the chaos of being early.

There’s two things this plateau could mean: either AI is a fad, or this first wave of AI is about to be replaced by something even better.

We’re betting on the later.

What might be coming in the “2nd wave AI” solutions? Here’s a glimpse of what we’re tracking w/ links to companies we’re loving:

  • AI-native search that’s just undeniably more useful than Google (check out

  • AI wearables that give you perfect context and recall on every interaction (check out Rabbit)

  • AI automation, workflow and agent tools that help you encode your expertise and delegate processes to AI (check out Zapier’s AI suite)

  • Functional tools that write code for you, act as a customer support agent, get your company warm leads, scrape & clean data for you and more (check out Devin, the first AI software engineer)

While wave 1 was all about learning and discovering use cases, we think wave 2 is about reliability, performance and ROI.


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