New ChatGPT Features Leaked

A breakdown of what to know about ChatGPT for Business; analyze social media with AI

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  • A breakdown on ChatGPT for Business

  • Using AI to know what’s being talked about on social media

  • A new section with trending resources!

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New ChatGPT Features Leaked. Or did they?

First, no traditional news media has picked up this story - meaning it might be fabricated. And we put that in bold so that people know.

But, we’re still covering it today because ChatGPT for Business is confirmed to be coming in the next few months, and whether or not these are real features to be included - we suspect something similar to this is coming.

Ok get to it - what leaked? What’s coming?

  • A way to set an “AI Profile” might be coming, which can hold any information that you’d like ChatGPT to remember about you and your preferences

  • A way to upload files, which we assume could be used as context in any chat

The following screenshot was leaked on Reddit (we’d link to it, but Reddit is down 🙃)

We wouldn’t be surprised if these were true.

The AI Profile concept was just launched by Perplexity AI. And you can already build your own ChatGPT plugin that retrieves data from an outside database.

OpenAI has also talked about plans to lean in heavier to B2B use cases (the original article was taken down but we covered the takeaways here).

"The vision for ChatGPT is to be a super smart assistant for work but there will be a lot of other GPT use-cases that OpenAI won’t touch.”

Paraphrased from Sam Altman at a startup event

OpenAI appears to be leaning into business use cases, does that mean that Bing / Microsoft might be leaning more into the consumer?

While it’s too early to tell - all we’re saying is that our typical advice holds true: maybe pause on buying those annual contracts for your newest AI tools.

You never know what OpenAI or another big player will launch next week.


Analyze what people are saying on social, in minutes (DIY).

How do the top brands and companies know exactly what people are saying about their products and their competitors? They use fancy social listening tools.

But you can actually build these yourself with a scraping tool and ChatGPT 🔥

All you need to do is pull social media posts via a scraping tool like Apify. Then design a ChatGPT prompt to do your task.

You can:

  • Extract topics (like we did below)

  • Extract product names, company names, people, places and more

  • Categorize positive vs negative vs other emotions

  • And a lot more

So next time you’re wanting to get a pulse on trending topics - don’t fret. ChatGPT’s got your back (ok that was cheesy, but hey this is really cool and so fast).

👇 this took us 5 minutes to scrape and analyze 500 posts about AI

Premium Members: Dig deeper with our tutorial on Scraping and Analyzing Social Media Data with GPT and our prompt templates on Advanced Extraction.


For your reading list 📚

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The AI product improvements keep coming

  • You can now talk to Bing AI on Edge browsers, and Microsoft will be discontinuing Cortana

  • Stability AI launched Clipdrop, which has a free alternative to Adobe’s Generative Fill feature

And if you're really nerdy...  


What is everyone else reading and learning to start applying AI to their work?

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  2. The new chapters on AI Operations, how to hire for it, and how it differs from RPA

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