Are Chatbots still the next big thing?

Instagram's leaked chatbot; Two popular custom AI bot use cases

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  • Two internal use cases for custom chatbots that rock

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Are chatbots still hot? 🔥

Character AI hit 170M+ monthly visits in May. So, we’d say yes.

And the rest of the AI powered chatbot market is MOVING with them.

Here’s the big news and announcements that can show us where the market is headed.

First, social.

If you’re not familiar with Character AI, they are a character-based chatbot website that’s 100% free. While they’ve been criticized for NSFW content, their crazy growth and usage stats don’t lie about the demand.

And other social platforms are taking notice.

A credible leak suggests Instagram is working on their own integrated chatbot experiences, similar to Snapchat’s My AI. And Snapchat’s continued investing in their My AI bot, which can now send and receive “snaps”. Yes, for the nerds here - that means it’s multimodal 😍.

But it’s not just social.

Glean just unveiled Glean Chat, Box has Box AI, and Dropbox has Dash - all enterprise-grade search experiences using AI to help you chat or search your company’s documents and knowledge in a more powerful way.

If the hundreds of millions (if not billions+) of dollars being poured into chatbot experiences are a sign, then chat looks like it’s here to stay - at least in some form.

What kinds of use cases are we seeing? Glad you asked 👇


Use cases for internal custom chatbots

Chatbots are clearly all the rage. And while tech giants are building their own, you might be wondering how a chatbot can help you.

While there’s almost limitless use cases, we believe internal use cases are some of the strongest. They are low risk because they aren’t touching customers, they typically can leverage large knowledge bases of text you already have, and can bring real productivity gains to you or your team.

Here are two of our favorite internal custom chatbot use cases we’ve seen recently:

Employee onboarding — For businesses with lengthy employee onboarding or training programs, a chatbot customized with training materials can serve as a tool during onboarding and live on as an asset long after so that employees can get questions with ease.

For developers — A chatbot with access to your code base is basically like having a staff engineer that’s been there since day 1 and knows the whole thing like the back of their hand. But available, all the time.

There are also use cases across marketing, sales, content creation, IT, product development and more.

For premium members, here’s more to dig into on chatbots:

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