Bard Is Self-Checking Now?

The underrated part of the new Bard updates; generative AI projects across many sectors and iconic companies

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  • OpenAI announces even more features

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Bard now ‘checks itself’

Google's Bard just got a big upgrade. Everyone's talking about how it can now access the ecosystem of Google tools like Gmail and Drive.

But that's not what has us most excited. It's Bard’s new self-checking feature that's really got our gears grinding.

You read that right.

Bard can now fact-check its own outputs, and begin to assess the accuracy of the information it generates.

Here's how it works:

1. You can use Bard to generate anything, just like ChatGPT

2. If you'd like to fact check, you can click the 'G' for Google

3. Bard will then go search Google, and cross reference those results with what was generated, highlighting what was confirmed via Google and what might have been a hallucination.

AI systems like Bard's self-checking will certainly be popping up more. In fact, we use these ourselves and talk about them in The AI Exchange Playbook as "model evals".

Expect to see more like this coming! Not quite the “hallucination solution” yet, but getting closer.


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