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Anthropic's Claude is coming to play; We're announcing something huge!

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  • Anthropic's Slack app for Claude means they came ready to play

  • Introducing The AI Exchange Playbook: everything you need to know when adopting AI

  • And check out Meta's new Segment Anything model

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Anthropic came ready to play

OpenAI is clearly in the lead on mindshare and model capabilities.

But Anthropic, the Google-backed AI foundation model competitor, isn’t messing around.

Last week they semi-quietly launched their Slack app which grants free access to Claude, their ChatGPT competitor. They also started granting API access to developers (waitlist here).

But what we're gawking at is how business-friendly they are, right out the gate.

Not only are they explicit that they aren’t using any user data in model training, they’ve highlighted the ability to use Claude for customer service, legal, coaching, search, back-office and sales - directly on their product page.

This is still a bit confusing, before now - Anthropic was seen as the “AI safety company” on the scene. And not really one with commercial interests.

But something we overheard recently: turns out it’s really hard to build AGI without users.

Regardless, having a more diverse landscape and especially a provider squarely focused on business use cases & constraints (data privacy, thank you!) is a good thing. And with many companies wary of using a Microsoft-backed product (for competitive reasons), Anthropic could certainly become a major player in this space, fast.

If you're looking to start using AI in your company, add Claude to your list.

p.s. Claude is already powering Notion AI, which we’ve enjoyed!


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