Amazon and Elon entered the ring

And how ChatGPT might evolve; to use or not to use AI for SEO

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  • The AI Wars continue to heat up. How does that impact ChatGPT?

  • AI-generated content and its impact on SEO

  • Other notable launches and announcements

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Amazon and Elon entered the ring

The AI Wars are heating up and might quickly commoditize OpenAI’s lead.

Last week, Amazon announced Bedrock, it’s platform service that lets any company using AWS access a range of foundation model providers like Anthropic and Stability AI. Amazon also announced Titan Foundation Models, its own play to offer the generative AI models that will power the next wave of AI features and applications.

To add to the mix, Elon recently incorporated his own OpenAI competitor,, which will apparently work on a TruthGPT, "a truth-seeking AI" and has been buying GPUs (the compute required to do heavy AI development).

If you’re doing the math like we are… (Stability AI, Anthropic, Google, Nvidia, AI21, Amazon,, Inflection, Meta, Cohere, Alibaba)… not to mention open source AI models…

That’s a lot of competition for OpenAI.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT was special for two reasons: the viral chat app itself, and the AI models behind it.

But those AI models are quickly looking like they will be commoditized, if they aren’t already. And when products are commoditized, the providers with the broadest distribution and who can offer the lowest costs, tend to win.

And that list of competitors above has some pretty good distribution.

As AI models become a commodity, might we see OpenAI invest in different directions that are more defensible?

And it will be interesting to see what differentiators other high profile AI companies tackle.

For anyone investing in building or implementing AI, these are important trends to watch.


AI for SEO

Despite the misconception, Google doesn't penalize AI generated content.

We’ve covered it before, but the search giant has explicitly stated that they do not care whether a human wrote content or whether AI did; they just care that it’s high quality and helpful to the reader.

AI-generated content can be extremely useful. We’re seeing it grow in popularity in e-commerce to write product descriptions. Technical domains to create reference materials. And niche industries to create glossaries for customers.

Many teams are also experimenting with programmatic SEO - the creation of a large volume of highly targeted websites to serve specific customer needs.


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