AI Voice Cloning: Your New Commute Buddy

Building AI muscle memory for personal and work benefits; shaping the future of AI for agencies

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  • How to build AI muscle memory with small experiments in your personal life to generate big ideas for your work

  • Shape the future of AI for agencies by taking our survey

  • OpenAI news on delayed Voice Mode launch and acquisition

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How to build AI muscle memory (to help your personal life & your work)

One common misconception is that you have to go big or go home learning about and using AI.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, trying out vitamins (small nice to have solutions) even in your persona life, can teach you a lot about what’s possible. It may even open your mind to ways AI could be a painkiller (mission critical solutions) in your work.

Lets walk through an example…

If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are you’re a self improvement nerd. Always trying to learn something new.

You’ve probably tried a “read later” app at some point like Feedly, Pocket or Readwise.

The problem with these apps is usually that you still have to carve out the time to read it, right?

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a podcast version of those articles, personalized to you, that you could listen to on your morning commute?

You can use AI to do exactly that. AI voice cloning tools can generate human-sounding voices that can say anything at a cost of about $0.20 per minute. 🤯 

And trying it out is NOT hard.

You can set up your own, or Eleven Labs just launched their reader app to make it even easier.

This is just one example of the principle — sometimes trying a vitamin in your personal life, can lead to an idea that’s a painkiller in your work life.

And with AI, you can gain a lot of real world experience just by experimenting with small tools in your everyday life.

So check it out. And hit reply to let us know what small life upgrades you’ve used AI for and what it taught you!


Shape the Future of AI for Agencies

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AI is making waves in various sectors...

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AI advancements and delays...

  • OpenAI has delayed advanced Voice Mode, the eerily realistic, nearly real-time conversational experience for its AI-powered chatbot platform ChatGPT. However, the company continues to innovate with the acquisition of remote collaboration startup Multi and the release of a macOS client for all ChatGPT users.

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