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Three trends we're seeing in building with AI; Create engaging video content in seconds

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  • Three trends we're seeing in building with AI

  • Create engaging video content quickly with this Stack

  • And recent news in the continuation of the Microsoft vs Google saga

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Three ways to build with AI

It’s been a (relatively) quiet week - so we’re excited to talk about a big question on top of many curious minds in AI!

I’ve got an AI product idea, how do I build it??

So first - we think it’s an awesome time to experiment with building in AI.

Remember that not everything needs to be a runaway success, or the next $1B company. In fact, there are tons of ways to create and capture value right now.

Here are 3 trends we’re seeing:

1) Use a plug & play tool to make an AI app

There are a growing number of tools on the market that help you launch micro-apps, without needing to write a lick of code. One to check out is Hubble.

2) Build an AI product, with no-code

“No-code” and “low-code” app builders have been around for a while. But what’s exciting to us is that you can very easily integrate AI into them. Check out Bubble (& their tutorial to make a GPT powered app) or Retool (& their Smart Blocks feature).

3) DIY with code, and use AI as a copilot

Of course if you want something custom, you’ll likely need to code yourself or hire a developer. But with AI tools like Github Copilot + ChatGPT that help you code, and very easy to use open source libraries like Langchain, it’s only getting easier to get started.


Create engaging video content in seconds

Whether you're in the media, education, or advertising space, creating content is highly time-consuming - and especially creating video content.

Sally Weatherly, AI Automation Consultant, knows this struggle all too well.

She leverages Jotform and GPT, connected by Zapier, to completely automate her script drafting process and ElevenLabs to pull it all together and read the script in an AI-generated version of her own voice.


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