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How AI kills the Stuck Point in coding and beyond; How to get accurate transcriptions for your longer videos

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  • The Stuck Point

  • Transcribing long files with AI

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Why AI kills beginner frustration

A "Stuck Point" is a term we can all relate to, especially those new to a field, be it programming, writing, or any other skill. It's that moment when progress seems impossible, where obstacles feel insurmountable, and frustration peaks. It's not merely a roadblock; we can feel the motivation wane by the second.

In software development, the Stuck Point happens when we hit a complex bug or coding challenge. Traditionally, a beginner developer might have spent hours or even days bogged down by this situation, searching forums, or waiting for a flash of insight.

But today, thanks to generative AI, the Stuck Point is becoming a thing of the past. (And so are the old way of solving them).

A new developer recently told us “ChatGPT feels like my personal CTO, it will answer any question - even the dumb ones”. This isn’t a one-off observation. AI is helping beginners overcome these obstacles with unprecedented speed.

And it's not just in coding; AI is dissolving Stuck Points across various domains. From brainstorming ideas for social media posts to providing immediate customer support, AI is transforming those frustrating moments into opportunities to learn something new and move faster.

The Stuck Point represents the challenge every beginner faces, and AI is a tool with an unprecedented ability to help people through it. It’s unlikely that we’ve seen even the beginning of the implications.

But next time you get stuck on something - take a deep breath, and try turning to ChatGPT*.

*Or Bard, Bing Chat, Claude, or Pi. They’re all getting better and better.


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