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  • AI search startup Neeva, announced it's shutting down. What does this mean for the AI Search Wars?

  • Turn your content into an AI-powered machine with this tool

  • And Meta is making headlines again

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Startups in AI Search Wars

ChatGPT was the shot heard around the world that put Search on defense.

How have the Search Wars progressed since? That’s what we’ll cover today:

First, it’s becoming increasingly competitive to be a startup working on Generative AI powered search.

Neeva, a 4-year-old search engine startup founded by Ex-Google execs who had raised $77M, announced they are shutting down their search app. While it’s difficult to say what killed them - how difficult it is to get people to adopt a new search experience, or how difficult it is to innovate on the experience itself - this marks one less search player in the space.

Meanwhile, other search startups are continuing to push the envelope.

Perplexity AI launched Copilot last week, their take on a search user interface that generates follow up questions, buttons and filters dynamically based on what you’re looking for.

Generative UI is just one example of the explosion of capabilities in search that can ultimately lead to more personalized results, faster answers, and helping us get more done with less effort.

But we’ll likely see each search tool get extremely good at one thing, and then eventually a winner will bundle those capabilities and converge.

So if you’re looking around at all of the generative AI powered search options and thinking - wow, there’s so many tools to learn just to do a simple search.

Our advice?

Know that you have options. Test which ones work best for which use cases.

Some are better at research, others are better at creativity or complex reasoning.

But developing the intuition for what each system is good at, and why - is only going to put you further ahead as we continue adopting AI into more and more of our everyday work and lives.


Go beyond ChatGPT. Turn your content into an AI-powered machine

Many people use ChatGPT to generate content.

But having a purpose-built AI-powered content tool can help you take it to the next level.

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