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  • AI-generated feature films are coming sooner than you think - by 2025 or earlier. New models like Runway ML's Gen-3 are pushing boundaries.

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  • Black founders are creating more culturally nuanced ChatGPT alternatives.

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AI-Generated Feature Films Are Around the Corner.

We predict feature-film length AI-generated films are coming by the end of 2025, if not sooner.

Don’t believe us? You need to check out Runway ML’s new Gen-3 model they released this week.

They’re not the only ones. We also have Pika, which just raised $80M. And Google’s Veo. And OpenAI’s Sora. (+ many others)

We get asked some versions of these questions regularly — is AI really going to take over the movie industry? Aren’t the images terrible, and it’s too expensive to generate all that video?

So today we’re going to break down where AI-generated film is headed and what you should plan for if you want to be prepared:

Why Ignoring AI in Film is a Costly Mistake

When it comes to AI in filmmaking, dismissing it because “it’s not good yet” is probably not a good idea.

And that’s because it’s accelerating faster than you think — mostly because the problems are a “known” quantity.

It’s too expensive. And the image quality isn’t very consistent.

(that’s way more clear than what’s missing on our path to AGI)

What was once limited to short, unimpressive clips is now pushing the boundaries of full-length, narrative-driven cinema by currently combining different tools. But we think that’ll evolve shortly too.

Consider combining models like Gen-3 Alpha with ChatGPT, and adding character consistency and camera control that Runway ML alludes to. Yup, we’re there.

Engage Now or Lag Later: The Strategic Question

The double edge sword of being an early adopter is that you risk wasting time and money.

But that’s not stopping people.

Many smart creatives are spending hours in these tools daily, setting themselves up for future success as the tech matures.

There’s also studios like Intelliflicks Studios and TCL that are putting out trailers and releases.

Should you join the pack?

Waiting for AI to become “perfect” before engaging with it and the hopes that you’ll rush in just in time can be smart for some, but risky for others.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

But seriously, if you haven’t seen AI-generated video demos lately. Go watch these.


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