AI-Fakes: How to Spot Them

Two hacks to verify AI-generated content; Get the gist of YouTube videos with Video Summarizer GPT

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • When verification is better than detection

  • 2 hacks to help you feel better about AI-fakes

  • Summarize YouTube videos with AI

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Detection < Verification: 2 Hacks to Feel Better about AI-Fakes

This week Katy Perry fooled everyone with an AI-generated image of her at the Met Gala… including her mom!

If you feel like we are barreling towards a world that feels like Black Mirror, you’re not alone. 

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

Is now… 

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read… any image you see, any video you watch, any voice you hear… on the internet, on TV, over the radio, in a song, texting you, emailing you, or even calling you”. 

*Gulp. 😅 

Yes, big tech companies like OpenAI, Adobe and Meta are working on AI detection methods via watermarking, using AI to detect AI and other projects.

But with detection, you’re reliant on a 3rd parties’ ability to detect and tell you that something is AI-generated.

Today we want to help you shift your mindset. Take the matter into your own hands. 

Verification is usually a better strategy than a Detection.

Any time you are predicting something, you should assess the cost of being wrong.

If the cost of a false positive is higher than a false negative → you can rely on detection. But if the cost of a false negative is higher than a false positive → you’re better off adopting a strategy of verification.

So how do you verify?

2 hacks to help you verify what you see online:

Did you know you can see all of the places that an image is used on the internet? It takes 3 seconds, and can help you quickly understand the internet’s footprint of an image.

Right click on an image and Select “Search Image with Google”. In Chrome, you’ll see a side panel pop up with other instances of that image online and videos, and you can easily check the other sources.

To do a Reverse Image Search: Right click on an image > Select “Search Image with Google”.

Skill #2: Learn the SIFT Method (taught in leading universities & used by journalists!)

If you’re looking for something more robust than a reverse image search, and that will work across any type of information, look no further than the SIFT Method. When applied, these 4 moves will make you confident that you’re looking at fact not fiction:


I: Investigate the Source

F: Find Better Coverage

T: Trace Claims to their Original Context

Here’s a free course we liked on how to apply SIFT to verify information. 


Effortlessly Summarize YouTube Videos with Video Summarizer GPT

Ever wished you could get the gist of a lengthy YouTube video without having to watch the whole thing? We've discovered a CustomGPT that can summarize any YouTube video with just a link.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Video Summarizer GPT in ChatGPT.

  2. Enter the link of the video you want summarized.

  3. Ask it to summarize the video for you.

  4. You can even chat with the video by asking questions about specific content you want more information about.

This feature is free for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Now, you can save time and get straight to the point!


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