AI, Dove, and the Quest for Real Beauty

Addressing AI bias with Dove's #KeepBeautyReal campaign; Master negotiations with Negotiation GPT

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Here's what we're covering today:

  • Dove put out a masterclass in both brand and AI, addressing bias in AI imagery and providing a playbook on inclusive prompting.

  • Negotiation GPT is a new tool that provides tailored negotiation advice, allowing anyone to negotiate like a pro.

  • How AI is transforming various industries like work, shopping, and music.

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Dove put out a masterclass in both brand AND AI. It almost brought us to tears.

Today we’re going to tell you about it. (Not sponsored)

If you haven't seen Dove's recent #KeepBeautyReal campaign, it's a deep dive on:

  1. The bias in AI image models

  2. How to prompt AI image models to be more diverse, reflective of "Real Beauty"

  3. Dove's brand promise to not use AI imagery *which we’ll break down whether you should do the same

What was the campaign?

Dove is known for its commitment to diverse, inclusive models in its marketing. But this campaign was different.

Dove painted the picture that AI is poised to generate 90% of online content, AND that by default, AI generates images that are anything BUT diverse and inclusive.

Not only did they put out a potent educational campaign. They paired it with an entire playbook for how to use AI to make diverse and inclusive images through better prompts.

Watch the Dove campaign video (less than 2 minutes!), and download the playbook here.

Why it worked

#1: They Addressed the AI Fear Head-On

People are scared about the unintended consequences of AI. This bias is often discussed but rarely accompanied by practical examples.

Dove addressed the fears directly, and led with facts.

They highlighted that when it comes to women, AI-generated images tend to have a bias toward blonde hair, brown eyes, and olive skin.

That if the average woman generated is blonde and flawless, we’re back to where advertising was 20 years ago.

And to get diverse and inclusive imagery, you have to be precise and tailored in your prompt.

#2: They Demystified It & Taught

AI is still so new that most people don’t know how it works. 

That’s why we love that education was central to this campaign. Dove demystified and gave some damn good prompting advice in the process.

They shared examples of getting specific prompts that mirror real world people:

They even shared a framework for how to break down a prompt and ask AI for a specific, diverse image:

#3 -- They Made an Aligned, Specifically Scoped Brand Promise Around AI

Dove says they have “a commitment to never using AI to create or distort women's images.”

Here’s how we interpret it. 

Dove knows that their brand is so deeply attached to the respect they’ve shown to women and their bodies over the past 20 years. 

So while they may use AI in a multitude of other ways, they’ve created a boundary that is brand-aligned and ultimately important.

How to Apply It To Your Business

Should you promise to not use AI in a specifically scoped part of your business? If a part of your brand, product, or service gets its inherent value from being human, consider it.

But our take – don’t make this promise lightly, vaguely or flippantly. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up to regret it.

Check it out, what do you think they got right? Wrong? Would you do the same with your brand? Hit reply and let us know!


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