Prompt engineering is dead?

AutoGPT and other AI agents; consider using a privacy-aware ChatGPT

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  • Why is everyone up in arms about AutoGPT?

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Is prompt engineering dead? Meet AutoGPT.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI has long hinted that prompt engineering is a short-term thing.

We think that’s an oversimplification, but innovations like AutoGPT do get us closer.

AutoGPT is a new open-source software program that can prompt itself to complete an objective. Yes, you read that right. It prompts itself.

Anyone can run and use it (with a little bit of coding knowledge). Here’s the github.

It works by asking a user for the role it should play, and what it should try to accomplish. Then it “thinks”, “reasons”, “creates a plan” and even “critiques” that plan before suggesting an action to the user for it to take.

AutoGPT isn’t alone. There are other AI agent systems emerging that connect ChatGPT to other machine learning models to help it complete different tasks and of course, ChatGPT plugins, which give ChatGPT the power to interact with other tools.

Big things are coming.

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Privacy-aware ChatGPT

As we’ve covered, any data you put into ChatGPT the app is part of Open AI’s research preview and could be used in future model training. We recommend a simple heuristic… The Reddit Rule: if you wouldn’t put it anonymously on Reddit, don’t put it in ChatGPT.

But if you’re looking for a better solution, consider using a privacy-aware ChatGPT.

Damien Tanner, one of The AI Exchange members, runs a company that built its own version of ChatGPT specifically focused on team collaboration and keeping data private. It uses your own OpenAI API key, which means your inputs and outputs stay isolated to your account.

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