Actually Good Uses for your Digital Twin

What should you use your AI clone for; generating an entire brand vibe with AI

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Actually Good Uses for your Digital Twin

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Imagine a world where your digital twin takes over your video content production, freeing up your time for more strategic tasks. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, with AI avatars, this is becoming a reality.

Everyone has been in awe with Hey Gen. They have developed AI avatars that are so realistic, they can pass for you in videos. They’re so good that people are starting to use them on social media platforms like TikTok.

… But the question is, should you be?

In our opinion - video in marketing has always been about either authenticity or high production value. It's those raw, unfiltered moments that strike a chord with audiences, or the elaborate storytelling and cinematic campaigns.

Of which AI Avatars are neither.

But if you're only looking at marketing, you've overlooked where AI Avatars can play a significant role.

Here are some applications we are seeing take flight:

1) New customer onboarding:

Imagine a personalized video that makes a new customer feel like a VIP. Walk a new customer through exactly the parts of your product that will provide the most value for them.

2) New employee onboarding:

An AI avatar can guide new hires through your company's processes. This can be especially useful if there are team-specific trainings you’d like a new hire to go through, but you don’t have the resources to create video walkthroughs for. Now you could.

3) Support content and tutorials:

AI avatars can provide clear, concise instructional videos, at a volume that would be tough for even the most productive content production teams to keep up with. If your product or service benefits from instructional video, you may want to look into AI Avatars to help you scale.

But here's the golden rule: don't try to trick your audience into thinking the avatar is real. Instead, focus on the value it provides. If you can deliver more value by leveraging AI avatars, then it's a win-win.


Generate an entire brand vibe

If you’ve been frustrated with consistent branding using image generation AI models, then you’re in luck.

Talented AI-powered creatives are tuning and prompting AI models to create clear, consistent and absolutely stunning “brand models”.

One of our favorite new discoveries has been DXM, the AI-powered creative agency.

We love this use case - would you use a branded model? We most certainly would.


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